Ugly Email is a Gmail plug-in. When a tracker is detected, it shows the icon of an eyeball in the subject line to alert you that a tracker is hidden inside the email.. Rest assured that all detected trackers are blocked and you can freely open your emails.

How do I block tracking features contained in some email messages to maintain my privacy? The best way to block tracking features is to change a few of the settings in your Outlook or Outlook Express. By default, most of these tracking features are automatically disabled if you have the latest service packs for Windows installed. Your emails are tracked - here's how to stop it - Nov 13, 2019 Block Email Tracking: Detect if Email is Being Tracked in Nov 10, 2017

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How to Block Email Tracking - Manually and Automatically Chrome extensions like Ugly Mail, PixelBlock and Trackbuster block email trackers for free. These extensions use technology to identify trackers in emails and block them instantly. You also get to know who is tracking your mailing activity unethically. You May Try Pixelblock How to Block Email Tracking - 7labs Block Services from Tracking Emails – PixelBlock UglyEmail is a great solution for identifying tracked emails, but it doesn’t stop them from tracking your actions. So, if you open a tracked email (which has been identified by UglyEmail), the sender will still know when and where you opened it.

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Email tracking detection and blocking Gmelius prevents false positives, i.e., count your own opens, and protects your privacy by blocking email trackers. Watch the below video to discover how Gmelius can transform the way you work in Gmail.