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Spotify uses some nifty tricks to avoid playback errors. Instead of constantly bogging down its own company computers and Internet bandwidth to send songs to millions of end users, it relies heavily on a peer-to-peer (P2P) network to stream audio, which works in the same decentralized manner of infamous torrent sites such as the Pirate Bay and Kazaa. Fix: Spotify Error Code 7 - Mar 16, 2020 EA's game servers went down this morning (updated) | Engadget

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Several major iOS apps crashing at launch due to Facebook May 06, 2020 How to Fix Error Code 4 on Spotify - The problem can also be caused by your antivirus tool which blocks the client from connecting to the Internet. You should add Spotify as an exclusion or replace the tool. Solution 1: Use a Different DNS. The problem is often caused by a faulty Internet connection which is simply not accepted by Spotify servers … How to start a Spotify private session | NordVPN