Internet sharing is a very common features on mobile phones as well. For example, you can refer to this guide to share internet connection on Samsung phones via Bluetooth. You can use Samsung galaxy phone as Wi-Fi hotspot, so other devices can connect to your phone to access internet. To share internet connection with VMware from host computer NAT support is built in into Windows XP in two flavors. There is the easy to set up "Internet Connection Sharing" , but it is mainly targeted at a single One internet-connected XP-PC in a single private subnet scenario and there are several restrictions to the implementation so you would not be able to use it in your setup. Jan 20, 2007 · well i did a clean install of xp on my system. I want to setup my network through my LInksys router so i can share/view file and printer. But when I go through the Network Setup Wizard I keep getting this message "Unknown Internet Connection Sharing device" and asks if i want to use this as my Internet access. Windows XP has a built-in feature that called "Internet Connection Sharing" (ICS) that allows home users to share their internet connections on multiple computers. If you are not familiar with the network configurations, the easiest way to share your internet connection is to purchase a router or hub. Jan 05, 2016 · Click on the Sharing tab and then check the Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection box. Under Home networking connection, you need to select the adapter name for the new virtual wireless network, which is Local Area Connection 3 in my case.

I have installed WIN XP in tow computers and I had used internet connection sharing in them, so I setup the first computer use static IP address with internet connection, and had the other computer obtained its IP address automatically. File sharing works fine and everything was good, then I installed Windows 7 ultimate (32 bit) in tow computers, but both of them could not be

Where the only purpose is to share the internet connection, why would you use a complex applications? 2. When you use any third-party tool, there may be some issues with the security and privacy. How to share internet connection in Windows XP via Wireless LAN (WLAN) Sharing internet connection in Windows XP via Wireless LAN is easy and simple

Feb 06, 2010 · Before Windows 7 IN WINDOWS XP the 7 machine used an ip like and ICS to give internet to the second machine (which got its ip automatically) I tried a lot of things (ex. static fixed ips enable the computers to share files but not the internet connection) but i still keeps saying its an Unidentified Network / Public Network for the

Windows XP includes a number of useful networking services that allow you to connect your internal network clients to the Internet. One of these is Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), which lets The Wizard does not work on computers running Windows 95, Windows NT, or Windows 2000. The Wizard can perform these tasks on a Windows XP computer: Set up the computer as an Internet Connection Sharing server, which shares its Internet connection with other networked computers. Mar 01, 2013 · Network & Sharing: Internet Connection Sharing problem in Windows 7 I have a Sony Vaio VPCEB26FG laptop, Ipod Touch 8GB. I have connected the ethernet port to an internet connection with a dynamic IP. I have done the Ad-hoc connection so that laptop acts as a Wi-fi hotspot, and i can connect the Ipod to this hotspot through Wi-Fi. Dec 10, 2002 · End-users connecting on campus through the campus network and/or at home connecting through cable modem or dsl no longer have an internet connection. SOLUTION To run the Windows XP network repair tool: Click on Start. Click on Control Panel. Click on Network Connection. Right-click on the LAN or Internet connection you wish to repair.