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bind - Dictionary Definition : If you're in a bind, you have been hindered by some situation. You'll find yourself in a bind if you agree to bring dessert to a party, only to realize that you're out of fruit, sugar, and chocolate chips. VeloBind Machines | Secure Bind Machines | Strip Binding The Hot Knife Machines use an 11-prong strip that provides a secure tamper-resistant bind which is difficult to edit. The Cold Knife or Personal/Desktop Machines use a 4-prong strip which allows you to open and close the same strip for easy editing of pages. … Secure BIND with these tips - TechRepublic May 25, 2005

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Secure settings | Elasticsearch Reference [7.8] | Elastic Reloadable secure settingsedit. Just like the settings values in elasticsearch.yml, changes to the keystore contents are not automatically applied to the running Elasticsearch node. Re-reading settings requires a node restart. However, certain secure settings are marked as reloadable. Such settings can be re-read and applied on a running node.