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For instance, the screenshot below is an official PayPal email sent to a user to confirm their account’s email address. Therefore, it is unclear how cybercriminals are using an official PayPal email address to carry phishing scams. However, the same email is being used for scams since 2010. It could be that scammers are using fake senders or PayPal Phishing Scams - See An Example Here Phishing - The PayPal Email Scam. This is not scam created BY PayPal; they are a victim as well. If you receive an email similar to the one below, DO NOT click on the link, and do not enter any information on the forms there. The website that the link leads to is a spoof; a fake website, not created by PayPal. How to tell if an email is really from PayPal - Hashed Out How to tell if an Email really came from PayPal. Straight from PayPal itself, here’s how to identify a real PayPal email: An Email from PayPal will always come from, as you can see in the example above, it’s easy to fake the friendly name, but the full address can’t be spoofed. 6 Common Paypal Scams and How to Avoid Them Advanced fee scam. One scam PayPal users should be wary of is more commonly known as …

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How to tell if an email is from PayPal - PayPal Community If you receive a phishing or spoof email pretending to be from PayPal, or you're unsure if it is from PayPal, please forward the email, including the header, to Then delete the email from your inbox. I know we all try to be vigilant in the digital era, but if you've responded to a spoof email with any sensitive personal