Jul 06, 2020

As FaceTime Photoshoots Find Favor in Fashion, What Does Apr 24, 2020 Answered: iMessage and Facetime - Waiting for activation Hoping someone from Sky will read this and get this fixed. I ported 3 O2 numbers to Sky mobile on Tuesday morning. 2 worked fine but the 3rd is unable to activate Facetime or iMessage, it’s just stuck on ‘Waiting for activation’. After around 24 hours it changes to ‘Activation failed’. The phone i Parental Visitation Rights FAQ - FindLaw

What Does Call Failed Mean? When iPhone is dropping calls, it is usually because the signal in the particular area is weak. Even though the poor signal is the most common reason why the issue occurs, sometimes the SIM card that is damaged or not properly placed or some software bugs are to blame.

May 12, 2011

I suspended my US service because I will be traveling in Europe for the next 6 months. I was told I would be able to use my phone while on wifi for texting and facetime. Currently, I can only facetime with my wife and only after she calls me.I cannot call anyone. It always said "call failed". S

Dial *#31# One of the easiest ways to fix the problem of call failed on your iPhones is to dial *#31# …