Hacking is an unauthorized entry into a network or a computer to steal or manipulate information, data or files. The person involved in this process is named as a hacker. Computer hacking is done using several types of programs such as Rootkit, Trojan, Keylogger etc. Hackers also employ techniques like browser hijacks, spoofing , phishing etc

Jul 21, 2020 Hacker - Wikipedia A computer hacker is any skilled computer expert who uses their technical knowledge to overcome a problem. While "hacker" can refer to any skilled computer programmer, the term has become associated in popular culture with a "security hacker", someone who, with their technical knowledge, uses bugs or exploits to break into computer systems. Computer Hacking Methods & Examples of Cyber Criminals A zombie, or “bot,” is a computer under the control of a hacker without the knowledge of the computer user. The infecting malware is called a bot program, and a variety of combinations and techniques can be used to get it onto the target system. How Do Hackers Get Into Computer Systems? When a computer expert gets a taste of hacking and likes the flavor, he or she will continue to use their skill, often for breaking into people's accounts to steal money. They also might like taking down a big network for "fun." Stealing passwords and getting in the system.

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Security researcher and computer hacker Samy Kamkar is asked to explain the concept of computer hacking to 5 different people; a child, a teen, a college student, a grad student, and an expert.

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