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Choose the Port and Protocol for Mobile VPN with SSL Mobile VPN with IPSec uses specific ports and protocols that are blocked by some public Internet connections. By default, Mobile VPN with SSL operates on the port and protocol used for encrypted website traffic (HTTPS) to avoid being blocked. This is one of the main advantages of SSL VPN over other Mobile VPN options. Can I use another port other than 443 for HTTPS/SSL Ports from 1024 on are freely useable. As an example, you could use port 30443 for SSL VPN if your VPN gateway supports port reassignment and the SSL VPN client (if any) does this as well. If you access SSL VPN via web portal you can add the custom port number in the URL like this: "https://mysslvpnserver.com:30443".

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which port for allow VPN site to site? - Cisco Community Dear All, Could you let me know port number for allow VPN site to stie. currently i have linux firewall and below is ASA 5510, so i would like allow port VPN site to site on linux firewall and port to ASA 5510. i allow ports as below so the VPN tunnel come up but we cannot ping from host to host bu What is Port Forwarding? A complete guide | NordVPN

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