Nov 15, 2008

Self Service Password Reset enables you to configure settings to control interactions of Self Service Password Reset with LDAP. You can select a template to configure the settings. Self Service Password Reset provides templates to set default settings for your back-end directories. May 29, 2015 · ldappasswd -H ldap:// server_domain_or_IP-x -D "user's_dn" -w old_passwd-a old_passwd-S Changing a User’s Password Using the RootDN Bind. The ldappasswd tool also allows you to change another user’s password if needed as the LDAP administrator. Technically, you can bind with any account that has write access to the account’s password, but this access is usually limited to the rootDN (administrative) entry and the account itself. Note that the actual process id (pid) will vary. $ ldap status slapd running pid: 32266. Update the ldap root password. $ zmldappasswd -r newrootpass. Update the zimbra ldap password. $ zmldappasswd newpass. If necessary, update the password for other ldap users (amavis, replication, nginx, postfix). Password Reset. If you do not know or have forgotten your NetID password AFTER enrolling in Georgetown’s NetID password management system, Password Station, you can answer the hint questions stored in Password Station to create a new password by going to

How To Change Account Passwords on an OpenLDAP Server

View the LDAP password rules. Must be at least 7 characters in length. Must contain at least 3 of the 4: A side effect of enabling this feature is support for the LDAP resource must-change-on-reset password policy. With the User Password On Change feature disabled, any change to the LDAP account password is performed using the Waveset LDAP administrator account, so a password update always leaves the target LDAP account in the reset state.

May 29, 2015

Script ldap query for users who must change their password Sep 06, 2013 Reset Password - North Dakota State Government Reset Password. To Reset your password you must enter your User ID. CUCM and Jabber password - Cisco Community If you have LDAP sync AND LDAP authentication, then you depend on the LDAP server to authenticate your password. BUT, the PIN still depends on CUCM. If you have a local user, then you depend on CUCM for PIN and password.