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Oct 23, 2012 Lucb1e.com :: Cookieless Cookies This is a general overview: The ETag shown in the image is a sort of checksum. When the image changes, the checksum changes. So when the browser has the image and knows the checksum, it can send it to the webserver for verification. This will stop any such tracking from happening, but I personally don't believe it's worth the downsides. Air France-KLM: ‘Our new permanent bag tag and tracking

Same-site tracking isn't currently part of Mozilla's anti-tracking policy, and the work to make it impossible will be much broader than just address ETag-based tracking. Bruno Pagani Comment 22

Background: ETag tracking is well explained here and also mentioned on Wikipedia. An answer I wrote in a response to "How can I prevent tracking by ETags?" has driven me to write this question. I have a browser-side solution which prevents ETag tracking. It works without modifying the current HTTP protocol. Is this a viable solution to ETag I do not think that I can do better at explaining how ETag tracking works in general than “Cookieless cookies” article. Please take a look at it first and then (hopefully) come back here. Instead of just admiring how clever the method is in theory, I wanted to play a little bit with the idea and create a small application to reproduce it.

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e-Tag RFID Pte Ltd SINGAPORE (HQ) ???11 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #01-102/103 Northspring Bizhub Singapore 768089? (Contact) Essay Toh(Mr.), Director, BU eTag is the only double sided electronic bag tag, allowing it to behave in exactly the same way as the current paper tags, Like a paper tag, eTag securely attaches to the handle of your case, it is not permanently attached to the case and can be easily swapped to another case. myRTA - E-Toll. Set up an electronic tag for ongoing use on Australian toll roads. Apply for a casual eMU Pass to travel on Sydney toll roads for up to 30 days.